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We go together to get the horses from their meadow, brush them and as we do so you get instructions on how to handle the horse.
We offer private and specialized tours for small groups throughout the wonderful Icelandic nature. After a short lecture and collecting the safety gear we go for a ride according to the ability of the least experienced rider in the group.
For the beach tour we ride down to the river Laxá and all the way to the Delta. At a low tide we can make our way to Kambsnes peninsula where we might get to see seals and even an eagle. 

We have a 5 star rating on trip advisor

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Fjörureið / Beach Tour

Fjörureið í 2 klukkustundir / Beach Tour for 2 hours

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Samvera / Companion

Samvera með hestunum í haganum / Companion horses in the pasture

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Útreið / Riding

Útreið í 1 klukkustund / Riding tour for 1 hour

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